Social Media Marketing – Expert Tips From a Digital Agency

About 90% of the businesses do have an active presence across social media, and they have reported great increases in their profits (up to 140% revenue increase). If you have decided to start advertising your products and services with the help of social media, there are several expert tips you can keep in mind to achieve great success.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your audience with Twitter

Building an audience is actually much more difficult than creating your content for the different pages. However, Twitter is the best way to attract targeted audience to your webpage. You just need to search carefully hashtags, and then start advertising through smart links on Twitter. Also remember to add a short yet interesting description to your link, to make users want to “click” on your link.

Reevaluate your social media content with your digital agency

What is a digital agency?In social media marketing, it is everything about ups and downs. You have posts and topics that were highly successful and people liked and shared everything… and you have social media content that is not as effective. This social media agency in Melbourne particularly gifted at crafting this type of social content together. Make sure to reevaluate your social media profiles, and check out which type of content worked the best with your audience. Now it is time to create similar yet unique content that will lead again to hundreds of likes and shares across social media platforms.

The rise of the visual content

An extremely popular social media marketing strategy is to share visual content that is highly interesting, shocking, etc. Now, make sure to place links below that visual content. Simply share interesting/creative photographs or videos and don’t forget to place a link back to your main business page. Remember that the visual content does not have to be related to your business or products. This is like covert marketing, just on social media. And it works well!

Tweets with pictures

Don’t just share simple content on Twitter. Add creative pictures to your Tweets and chances are users will share that much quicker than if there was no picture present. Just make your post inspirational and unique, because visual content is more convincing than a few sentences only.

The importance of fresh & unique content

Regardless of the social media platforms you choose to deliver your message, you need to stay active regularly. This means you need to upload fresh and unique content several times per week (minimum 3 to 4 times per week). Otherwise, you risk that your friends/followers will forget about your brand, or they will not check that regularly your page. If you will get your audience accustomed to very interesting and creative content, they will check your pages on a regular basis.

Develop content based on what’s trending today

You can actually create blog posts or content for your social media platforms through writing about the most trending topics of the day. Just check a few news pages, or social media platforms or even Yahoo! and see what people are talking about. Express your opinion freely, collect more data and come up with an article. Chances are people will start liking, sharing and commenting on your post within minutes since you upload it. This is yet another smart social media marketing strategy that can help you increase brand awareness.

Make sure to implement these tips, and enjoy great success online. And be sure to speak to the social media staff at Clearwater Agency for all the advice that you need to set up a successful social media campaign. Stay away from direct or aggressive advertising as much as possible, and then you will build yourself an amazing social media page with great audience!