Social Media Marketing – Expert Tips From a Digital Agency

About 90% of the businesses do have an active presence across social media, and they have reported great increases in their profits (up to 140% revenue increase). If you have decided to start advertising your products and services with the help of social media, there are several expert tips you can keep in mind to achieve great success.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your audience with Twitter

Building an audience is actually much more difficult than creating your content for the different pages. However, Twitter is the best way to attract targeted audience to your webpage. You just need to search carefully hashtags, and then start advertising through smart links on Twitter. Also remember to add a short yet interesting description to your link, to make users want to “click” on your link.

Reevaluate your social media content with your digital agency

What is a digital agency?In social media marketing, it is everything about ups and downs. You have posts and topics that were highly successful and people liked and shared everything… and you have social media content that is not as effective. This social media agency in Melbourne particularly gifted at crafting this type of social content together. Make sure to reevaluate your social media profiles, and check out which type of content worked the best with your audience. Now it is time to create similar yet unique content that will lead again to hundreds of likes and shares across social media platforms.

The rise of the visual content

An extremely popular social media marketing strategy is to share visual content that is highly interesting, shocking, etc. Now, make sure to place links below that visual content. Simply share interesting/creative photographs or videos and don’t forget to place a link back to your main business page. Remember that the visual content does not have to be related to your business or products. This is like covert marketing, just on social media. And it works well!

Tweets with pictures

Don’t just share simple content on Twitter. Add creative pictures to your Tweets and chances are users will share that much quicker than if there was no picture present. Just make your post inspirational and unique, because visual content is more convincing than a few sentences only.

The importance of fresh & unique content

Regardless of the social media platforms you choose to deliver your message, you need to stay active regularly. This means you need to upload fresh and unique content several times per week (minimum 3 to 4 times per week). Otherwise, you risk that your friends/followers will forget about your brand, or they will not check that regularly your page. If you will get your audience accustomed to very interesting and creative content, they will check your pages on a regular basis.

Develop content based on what’s trending today

You can actually create blog posts or content for your social media platforms through writing about the most trending topics of the day. Just check a few news pages, or social media platforms or even Yahoo! and see what people are talking about. Express your opinion freely, collect more data and come up with an article. Chances are people will start liking, sharing and commenting on your post within minutes since you upload it. This is yet another smart social media marketing strategy that can help you increase brand awareness.

Make sure to implement these tips, and enjoy great success online. And be sure to speak to the social media staff at Clearwater Agency for all the advice that you need to set up a successful social media campaign. Stay away from direct or aggressive advertising as much as possible, and then you will build yourself an amazing social media page with great audience!

Small Business Courses; What You Should Look Out For


Business matters are very critical in this day and age when every resource needs to be accounted for. In this wavelength, having the best training on the same is mandatory since it is what can catapult you into the perfect situation concerning the proper management of resources. Small business courses often need to have that advanced level of consideration and this is down to the curriculum that is taught.

The curriculum defines the extent of understanding that you will have and mastery that you will be able to take up in the same wavelength. Identifying the right curriculum is down to the association that will be established between the practical operation of the course and the theoretical application of the same.

Small business management always boils down to how well one is able to balance the books and this brings the issue of having a business course at hand. The business industry needs to have competent personalities who can handle record keeping and ensure that every other bit of planning is well within the budget and schedule proposed initially.

With record keeping, the real issue often emanates from the desire to have accurate presentations of the situations at hand and the overall capacity that is available in the bid to implement the planned activities. Organizations often need to have financial personnel who have the capability of arranging and monitoring any shift in the business plan in accordance with the set objectives.

While many individuals will always look at small businesses with an eye on numbers and financial books, evaluating the same course on qualifications and its far reach comes as the best line of operation to take up. This begs the reason to identify with a compliant business courses. The beauty of being able to identify with the same is the fact that the certification is able to map you among the rest of the people with adequate competency in the financial management niche of operation.

The compliant course also makes sure that all the certifications required to work at an extended capacity with the right experience is in place and success is guaranteed. Another plus to be experienced with a compliant course is of course the opportunity to practice the skills acquired in different states as it serves as a universal measure of competency.

When taking up small business courses, it is mandatory that you are able to identify with the right players in the sector and that you are able to have the maximum experience. This is due to the fact that the financial markets are always changing and this leads to the need to have a situational analysis set up that will be able to cater for the fluctuations and also deliver on the promise of stability required in the market.

It is not enough to just learn about small business and this is why finding the right partner and experience in the sector is very critical to the development of an aspiring individual looking to expand and make a mark in the industry.

Increasing Traffic and Revenue with SEO

Are you looking to increase traffic with SEO?

If you have an online business, it means you need to be “plugged in” 24 hours a day. You need to watch closely your business, stay in contact with your customers to ensure you will not lose them. Since companies are very competitive, it only takes one single “better deal” to steal your customers way. However, if you will ensure to stay in contact with your customers and inform them about all the new arrivals, fresh trends and price drops…you will be able to keep afloat.

The tasks you need to perform are overwhelming. It is almost impossible to watch every important aspect of your online business by yourself. This is why you need to hire top SEO experts. They will implement some of the best strategies and techniques that will bring you the success you are looking for. Always take your time to research carefully, comparison shop and ask questions. Only this way will you be able to find the best company that can assist you with your SEO tasks…on a friendly budget.

Melbourne SEO Services

Even if the SEO services are a little expensive, it is a worthwhile investment. You will enjoy the best ROI within a short period of time. Some of the benefits of SEO implemented right:

  • Increase traffic to your website– SEO experts will help you rank higher, which means your business is better exposed. People will find you quicker and easier, and more and more will choose to click on your link in the SERPs.
  • Once visitors are on your website, the job is only half done. If they find nothing interesting, they will leave. They will also most probably check out your competitor’s website. Therefore, you need very good quality content, very strong descriptions of the services/products you offer, and competitive prices/best deals.
  • If SEO is implemented right on your page, you will see more and more visitors turning into customers. This means you are slowly but steadily increasing tour traffic.

Increase your revenue with SEOHere, your job is not over. SEO needs to be implemented regularly, and you need to work a lot on your pages in order to maintain your customers, and attract some more. If you do not have the time or the skills to perform on page SEO or off-page SEO you should hire the best experts offering SEO services out there. A company such as this one will help you achieve your goals and maximise your SEO.

You also need to understand that SEO is not a solution that will work from one day to the other. The experts will provide you with statistics and graphs with completed work on your website. Then, within 2-3 weeks you will also be able to see that the number of visitors increased, that more visitors are turning into customers and that your profits are higher. Just don’t stop optimization once you see these data rising.

With an online business, you need to be patient exactly because competition is so tough. If you are operating business in a field that is highly competitive, your job will be more difficult. Achieving great success online with your small business is difficult, but not impossible.

Keep on researching continuously on new SEO trends and tactics and implement them. Keep up with these changing trends, and remember to work only with top professionals in the field for results you can count on.